The Journey to Mazandaran

Curated by David Galloway

Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art presents The Journey to Mazandaran, an exhibition curated by David Galloway. The exceptional concept shows traditional weaving art from Mazandaran – gelims by Teppichkunst Hirschberg – along with works by the contemporary artists Milan Mölzer, Lucie Beppler and Toulu Hassani.

Galloway illustrates a universal language that emerges across time, cultural divides and mediums. For all the differences between the exhibited works of art, they demonstrate profound affinities in the structuring of the picture plane and the use of unconventional tools and materials. Many of their rhythmic compositions suggest musical scores, where point and counterpoint underlie compositions at once reductionist and lyrically inflected.

The Journey to Mazandaran initiates a dialogue between weavings produced by anonymous Iranian authors and works by the three artists who in turn represent three generations and three distinct cultures.

David Galloway is Professor Emeritus at the Ruhr University Bochum. In 1977–1978 he served as Chief Curator of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. He has curated exhibitions for the Ludwig Forum (Aachen), the Venice Biennial, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Cologne Fine Art and Antiques Fair and the Saatchi Gallery (London).


Lucie Beppler, Toulu Hassani, Milan Mölzer


»The Journey to Mazandaran«, curated by David Galloway, 2017

© Christoph Münstermann & Stephan Gerz, pixelcover


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