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ART DÜSSELDORF 2022 | booth J01

The fourth edition of Art Düsseldorf will take place from 8 to 10 April, 2022 in the halls of Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf.

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth J01.

A highlight of the presentation will certainly be the elaborate installation "Mechanical Ballet" by Heinz Mack. Sketched as an idea as early as 1966 (not realized at the time for cost reasons), the ballet - a group of axially moving stelae made of stainless steel in a mirrored room - was "performed" for the first and only time in 2018 at an exhibition in Rotterdam. Via a QR code you can play the music intended by Heinz Mack, the piece 'Atmosphères' by György Ligeti, via your cell phone (don't forget headphones!).

We are also pleased to present a new, previously unseen sculptural work by Leiko Ikemura, created in collaboration with the Georg Hornemann Goldsmith Studio. "Awoken in Silvergold" combines the artist's language of form and motifs with the high craftsmanship of the goldsmiths.

With the presentation of works by Ulrike Arnold and Stefan Kürten, we welcome the two Düsseldorf artists to the gallery's program.

See the full list of artists below.

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