Video pioneer Fabrizio Plessi turns 80

Fabrizio Plessi. L'età dell'oro – The golden age


The Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna – Ca’ Pesaro will celebrate Fabrizio Plessi's 80th birthday with an exhibition of his great historical installations and new site-specific works.


The exhibition will also be a great tribute to Venice by the artist, inspired by the theme of gold, a highly symbolic material and one closely linked to the city. Gold shaped and declined in various forms can repeatedly be discovered in the extraordinary artistic work of Fabrizio Plessi through the decades, up to the great creations of recent years.


The Ca’ Pesaro exhibition will be joined by the windows of the Museo Correr in Piazza San Marco, in which digital rivers of gold will flow to face the sumptuous mosaics of the Basilica.


FABRIZIO PLESSI –  L'età dell'oro
Ca’ Pesaro Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna, Venice

Postponed to 2021.

Available works of the artist

Fabrizio Plessi, Digital Wall, 2015
Fabrizio Plessi, Digital Wall, 2015
Fabrizio Plessi, Digital Wall, 2016
Fabrizio Plessi, Digital Wall, 2016
Fabrizio Plessi, Segare il Lago Stichter in due parti uguali (Sawing Lake Stichter in two equal parts), Action, 1975
Fabrizio Plessi, Analogy Experimental Intervention / Water Works Series 1, 1974
Fabrizio Plessi, Experimental Analogy / Water Works Series, 1974
Fabrizio Plessi, Un Buco Nell' Acqua (A Hole in the Water), Action, 1973
Fabrizio Plessi, 100 Pezzi D'Acqua (100 Pieces of Water), Action, 1973
Fabrizio Plessi, Gabbie D'Acqua, 1972
Fabrizio Plessi, Gabbie D'Acqua, 1972

Past exhibitions at Beck & Eggeling

Selected Publications of the Artist

Fabrizio Plessi. Utopia liquida

Fabrizio Plessi. Utopia liquida

  • Artist: Fabrizio Plessi
    Editor: Ute Eggeling, Michael Beck
    Text: David Galloway, Marco Meneguzzo
    Design: Beck & Eggeling (Antonia Eggeling)
  • Italian, English, German
    Hardcover, 24 x 28 cm
    112 pages, 122 illustrations
  • Beck & Eggeling Kunstverlag, 2017
    ISBN 978-3-94606310-0
  • 28 €
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