ZERO. Mack. Piene. Uecker

ZERO. Mack. Piene. Uecker

Exactly sixty years ago. 1958. From Düsseldorf, ZERO launches to the world. Amsterdam. Milan. Paris. Tokyo. New York. Only fifty years later are we rediscovering the significance of this movement, which not only acted artistically, but also as a form of shaping society.

Zero was fluent, is fluent. ZERO is defined by ideas, performances, and exhibitions – between 1958 and 1967. After this, the artists increasingly went their own way; but most still clung to the ZERO spirit. Countless artists have been inspired by ZERO since 1958, and even today ZERO is as youthful as ever. ZERO continues to operate.

The booklet, with an introductory text by Barbara Könches, director of the ZERO Foundation, was released on the occasion of Beck & Eggeling’s presentation of significant works from the ZERO period at the TEFAF New York Spring in 2018.

Artists: Heinz Mack, Otto Piene, Günther Uecker
Editor: Ute Eggeling, Michael Beck
Text: Barbara Könches
Design: Beck & Eggeling (Martina Löhle)

English, German
20 x 20 cm
52 pages, 25 illustrations

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