Thomas Wrede. Sceneries

It's all a question of perspective. The recognition that our perception and ultimately our image of reality, influenced by perspective is subtly reflected in the photographic works by Thomas Wrede. Between staging and reality, between truth and illusion, the photographer creates novel worlds of imagery that exclusively exist through photography and by photography. In his various photographic series he reflects on the longing for nature. At the same time Thomas Wrede questions the fidelity of the photographic process.

In his series »Real Landscapes« he creates impressive landscapes reminiscent of Romantic paintings, by using methods which let a puddle appear as a large lake or a pile of stones as a monumental mountain. In his »Wrapped Landscapes« pictures of longing are reflected in photographs of model railway trees photographed in front of a possible natural setting inside their packaging. The photographs of his series »Domestic Landscapes« show photographic wallpapers in German homes, suggesting a view into nature.

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