Chris Reinecke

Despite over 50 years of working as an artist, Chris Reinecke is still relatively unknown to a broader public. This may be related to the fact that her work has not yet received the institutional recognition it derserves, even though her oeuvre, especially the early work and it's performative, participatory and actionist approaches, has to be counted among the most exciting and relevant artistic positions in post-war German art.

The exhibition is focused on the early works of the 1960ies. Reinecke's work in that time was radically political. With her then-husband Jörg Immendorff she formed the LIDL-project, a loose association of artists, which became infamous for their action art aiming on political and social changes. In context of the 50th 'jubilee' of the 1968 protest movement, Reineckes works and performance-relics and especially the presented photographs and manifesto-like texts become exceptional historic documents about a time, when artistic discourse in Germany always implied political discourse at the same time. Showing the exhibtion in Vienna offers the inspiring possibility of a comperative examination in regards to similar and concurrent artistic tendencies in Austria established Valie Export or the Viennese Actionism.

With the presentation of later groups of works the exhibition draws the attention to Reinecke's artistic biography in its entirety. It is a biography which is not unfactured, which tells of failure and reconsidering, of finding new ways and of eventual liberation. Yet, it is evident that her work, beyond the historic aspects, can still assert its relevance until today.


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