Parade - extended!

'Parade', our end of the year group-exhibition, offers a colourful, dazzling overview of current works by our artists. 

The concept of the exhibition deliberately keeps the term 'parade' open. Instinctively, however, the many meanings of the word come to mind - a parade in the military, in horse dressage, in music, in fencing....

Since the term is understood in the sense of presenting, displaying or a ceremonial line-up, it is of course always appropriate for an art exhibition. According to the word's origin, coming from the French word parer for decorate, the theme also fits wonderfully into the pre-Christmas season. And the fact that art also "decorates" our walls and our homes is certainly felt by everyone in the same way.

With works by Aljoscha, Nikos Aslanidis, Joachim Brohm, Lucien Clergue, Michael Dannenmann, Wolf Hamm, Tamara K.E., Lia Kazakou, Victor Kraus, Susanne Kühn, Stefan Kürten, Desmond Lazaro, Xavier Mascaró, Hartmut Neumann, Morio Nishimura, Heribert C. Ottersbach, Apostolos Palavrakis, Chris Reinecke, Lawrence Schiller, Katharina Schilling, Norbert Tadeusz, Stefan à Wengen, Thomas Wrede.


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